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IT Oversight and Advisory

GreyGarde Solutions tailor our services to meet your needs and priorities and work with your existing IT resources. We consult with you to assess your current position and agree a programme of work that fits your Credit Union.


What GreyGarde Offer

“An Operationally Resilient firm is able to recover its critical or important business services from a significant unplanned disruption, while minimising impact and protecting its customers.”

Source: “Cross Industry Guidance on Operational Resilience”, Central Bank of Ireland, December 2021

“The Central Bank’s supervisory oversight of IT governance andrisk management will continue to intensify in future engagements with credit unions.”

Source: “Findings from IT Thematic Review in Credit Unions”, Central Bank of Ireland, January 2018

We provide services to support your IT Governance and Operations so you can focus on growing your business. Regardless of your size or IT maturity, we provide clear and independent IT advisory services that deliver value.

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